About me

Human society and the issues surrounding it always concern me. Born and raised in India, I was exposed to a rich social diversity that showed me the hard ways of life, its struggles and also its happiness. This exposure also gave me an insight into the issues that could affect an individual and in turn society on a broader level. Media brought these issues in to my living room.  I see a huge gap between what is shown and what is perceived.

I believe that digital arts have the potential to take their content across to the viewer without any loss of impact. To this end, I believe digital arts as the medium of the future and a valuable tool, and I regard them as my skill set.

Animation involves effectively harmonizing art and technology. I believe human society is still emergent and it requires a versatile tool to cater to its needs. Animation, being the most versatile form of art can serve this need. The diversity of animation enables the user to choose an appropriate tool for communication. Its versatility enables the user to communicate without any limitations. Also, visualization, being a key attribute of animation, enables better understanding on the part of the viewer. With all this in place, I believe animation is the right medium for the present. My belief in animation and digital arts gets reaffirmed time to time by witnessing and being part of many meaningful projects. My own short film “Evy In The New Word”, my late friend Cindy’s project “Eggbus” and “The Box”, “Be you tiful”, “Restoring the Eye Sight in Bangladesh”etc by my friends Jenni, Emilie and Tatiana resp. are few classic examples of how I see the art form of animation being employed to convey critical social issues in a simple edible form for any common man to comprehend and act upon.

    I want to create art not just because I know it but mainly because I want to learn more and provide a clear means for others to learn and follow. Animation aids this purpose effectively. I intend to contribute to a positive social transformation by effectively addressing all kinds of social issues, bridging the gap between social issues and their understanding.